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Tieks. Are they as comfortable as they are billed to be?

Have you heard of Tieks? They’re a comfy ballet-like slip on shoe that are marketed as carry-alongs so that you have sensible shoes to grab from your bag when your stilettos become too much. Of course they are being worn by those that just love comfortable flats too.

They fold up compactly and they are guaranteed to hold up well – no creases or wear from repeatedly folding them. They are available in loads of colors and all have their trademark blue rubber pads on the soles. They come with a small carrying bag as well as a tote bag, and thought I don’t have a photo here, the packaging the shoes come in is beautiful and thoughtful. This new company has put a lot of thought into all of their branding materials. I like it.

They are not inexpensive – $135 – $235. If you have tried them, leave a comment to let us know if you think they are worth it.

Tieks. Found here.


Camper Colibri – Just What I Need

If you like comfortable stylish shoes, you’ve heard of Camper. Camper shoes are gorgeous, well-made, good-looking, and often unique, and some models are even made so each of the pair are different from one another.

This particular pair, Colibri, makes me smile. Maybe because it’s ben raining here lately and they feel sunny. I can imagine that as fall turns gray and moves into winter that I’d reach for these again and again – an easy mood enhancer. Look at the heel! And the sole! Makes me want to walk through puddles just so I can decorate the sidewalk behind me.

Regularly $150, on sale for $119 at Camper’s site. Cheaper than one visit to the therapist.

Obsessing Over Loints

My current obsession. By Loints of Holland. About 150 euros, on sale for 95.

I was recently at a street market in Holland and I saw these shoes on a woman. I followed her. I had to ask her who made them and where she got them. I got (stalkerishly) close to her a few times but hesitated to speak to her because I was formulating how to say “I love your shoes!” in Dutch. I got out my English-Nederland dictionary then looked up with renewed confidence and purpose. And the lady was gone. I hadn’t really gotten a good look at her because I was mostly staring at her feet. (The picture doesn’t really do these shoes justice – they were way cooler looking in person.) I was about to give up hope when I thought I caught a glimpse of them, er, her, again going into a shop. I followed. Sure enough, it was them/her. I strode up to her and told her how much I admired her shoes and asked who made them. “Loints”, she replied. And then she said something I couldn’t decipher. “Sorry?” I asked. My accent told her to try again in English and she said, “They are by Loints of Holland and I bought them in this store.” In fact, she was looking at the Loints shoe section in the store we were in, holding a pair of fall boots in her hands! My excitement could hardly be contained.

Alas, the shoes I was after were sold out. An internet search bore similar results. I was able to find one pair in my size in England and I think the exchange rate may deter me. Sad, yes? But no! I found a new brand of shoes to love and admire. Hooray.