Tieks. Are they as comfortable as they are billed to be?

Have you heard of Tieks? They’re a comfy ballet-like slip on shoe that are marketed as carry-alongs so that you have sensible shoes to grab from your bag when your stilettos become too much. Of course they are being worn by those that just love comfortable flats too.

They fold up compactly and they are guaranteed to hold up well – no creases or wear from repeatedly folding them. They are available in loads of colors and all have their trademark blue rubber pads on the soles. They come with a small carrying bag as well as a tote bag, and thought I don’t have a photo here, the packaging the shoes come in is beautiful and thoughtful. This new company has put a lot of thought into all of their branding materials. I like it.

They are not inexpensive – $135 – $235. If you have tried them, leave a comment to let us know if you think they are worth it.

Tieks. Found here.


56 responses to “Tieks. Are they as comfortable as they are billed to be?

  1. I have two pair and love them! Super comfy!

  2. I love mine. I own 3 pair, the basic black, Tiek Blue (Tiffany blue) and the ballerina pink. They are very comfortable and provide plenty of protection from the road with the signature blue soles which stay pretty too even after you walk on asphalt in them. They are the most wonderful cushioning plastic that just cleans up perfectly. I wear them around the house, they are that comfortable. I get compliments everywhere I go as well. They have the profile of a real ballet slipper in that your foot looks like it is resting on the ground. When you are standing you cannot see the blue sole. The effect is beautiful because it makes your feet look smaller and so feminine. I love them. I think they effect your walk in a pretty way too. I feel like Audrey Hepburn or Laura Petri in mine when I wear them with skinny pants. Many other manufactures have similar styles with the curling effect, some that fold and some that don’t but I think the Italian made Tieks are the best and the most comfortable ones. The ones from Tory Burch are so uncomfortable that I didn’t make it out of the store. I do like the Cole Haan Bacara’s though. They give you a similar look but they don’t fold. I have three pairs of those as well. They are a little bit more heavily constructed than the Tieks. I like the Tieks better only because you can use them as an elegant way to change your shoes when heels get unbearable. I highly recommend them. I am planning on buying two more pairs.

  3. I really wanted to love mine too. I’ve been searching for a cute comfy pair of ballet flats for a long time. The packaging is beautiful and the shoes are really cute but the comfort was not there for me. The right side was comfortable but the left side was so tight around the top of the foot that my toes start to go numb. It could be my feet but I don’t have a big discrepancy problem between feet with other shoes. Oh well, the hunt continues.

    • You are the first to actually say that they are not comfortable. I would like to order a pair but i’m afraid I won’t love them as much as everyone else. $165 is a lot for shoes that will just go to my closet. Do you still have yours or were you able to return them?

      • I like the Tieks but they are so very tight I have to take them off. They are super cute so I’m hoping they stretch like I read somewhere.

      • Emily Garcia

        Mine are OK. But I was also advised to stick with the leather ones. Honestly, my DKNY $100 sneaker flats are more comfortable, but since I convinced my husband to buy me my Tieks for our anniversary i tell him that they are amazing.

    • I know this isn’t a new post, but for anyone searching for feedback, I had exactly the same experience. I am awaiting a new size to see if that makes a difference, but one side was so much tighter than the other and was rubbing near my big toe that I couldn’t even keep them on with little footie socks for over an hour. It was suggested to me to try and wear big bulky socks around the house, but so far hasn’t made a change. Hopefully one size up will do the trick, but I was really hoping they were going to feel like a hug from heaven on my feet. So far I’m just squished and numb.

      • Same here. And wearing them arounf the house to stretch them out (just got mine tonight)….my left shoe squeaks from my pinched foot rubbing inside it. I want people to see my cute shoes…not hear me coming.

    • Just got my first pair of flat black today and having the same problem. 😦 may have to return them.

    • If you still have them.. You can stretch the leather. Put on thick socks and then the tieks. Flex your toes up and down and walk in them a bit. Then take a blow dryer and heat the affected tight areas while continuing to flex your toes. Stop heating it once hot then walk and stretch your feet going up on your toes until the shoes cool.. Then take off the socks and try them. It works😊

  4. Stephanie Chapman

    i am in love with my tieks! I must say, besides running shoes, they are the most expense shoes that I have ever bought, so I was nervous, but they are so so worth it. I should preface my comments with the fact that i have awful, horrible feet. I wear size 10 or 11, wide or extra-wide, and have no arches. I compete in triathlons, so I have medical orthopedic inserts for my running shoes, but walking around our college campus (I am a phd student/teaching assistant) in “nice” shoes causes me so much indescribable pain. But, I recently bought my first two pairs of tieks (matte black and chocolate brown), and I am in love! My feet have never been so comfortable! I ordered size 11, and I have had no bleeding heals (aka no painful “break in the shoes” process), no bunion pain (yes, I just turned 30 and my super wide feet have had bunions since middle school–thank you genetics and cheap plastic shoes!), AND my arches do not ache while wearing these shoes! Overall, my feet in these shoes feel so natural that it is as if i am walking around barefoot. I couldn’t be happier! My theory is that the flexible sole and leather makes these shoes much much more comfortable than your average or advanced (sorry hush puppies) hard sole, fake leather flats. Also, my feet as less sweaty (again, thanks to the real leather)! I haven’t needed to carry them folded as a spare set of shoes yet, but I am looking forward to doing so with my handy bag and pouch. Also, I travel a lot in the summer (I am an archaeologist), so I am also really looking forward to packing these shoes! I will save so much space! Where have these been all my life? They could have saved me so much money and pain from horrid, ill-fitting shoes!

    • Stephanie! I am anxious to chat with you about these. I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a pair of these and my foo description sounds EXACTLY like yours! Was wanting some more validation before I buy these! My bunions are terrible and I’m constantly wasting money trying to find a comfy but feminine shoe! They will be worth the money if they don’t make me cry from foot pain! Bunions, no arch and wide is how I would describe my feet as well….with the left being slightly worse than the right! UGH!!! Can you chat?

      • Angela, the return policy is excellent – if they don’t fit or any reason you don’t like them, you can send them back and they’ll even pay for return shipping, so you have nothing to lose. I have really finnicky feet, what always happens is I’ll put on a shoe and think it feels great and then after a 15 minutes of leaving the house I’m like uh oh and I get home with raw blisters and aching feet. With Tieks what I first felt is exactly what I got – first impression was amazing (except for one spot pinching my big toe – see my comment below responding to Diana) and they get even better with time.

    • Stephanie, we are feet twins!! Bunions, wide feet, size 11 (well, 10.5 but they don’t make those) and flat feet. I splurged on my Tieks before I went to Europe this spring and my feet were in heaven! I felt cute, stylish, my feet were happy and walking all over Paris and London in these was a dream. Worth every penny and I’m saving up for my next pair! I got an 11, the day before my trip. Didn’t need to break them in, just slipped them on and went! Now I know that all the hype isn’t just hype, these are honestly great shoes.

  5. I receive mine yesterday an to my happiness they are cute and comfortable , I decided to wear them right away to go to the mall but I have to say they are tight very to the Point that I had to stop walking to take them off and stretch the top band. they were expensive shoes so I really wanted to be perfect but they are not.

    hopefully they stretch the more I wear them. 😦

    if you have any tip on how to stretch the elastic front top part let me know I don’t ever want to feel like there is no blood circulating on my toes (jeje jk)

    • Diana, I had the same problem with the elastic top band. It was pinching the big joint of my right big toe, so I wore a thick sock with it for a few hours doing stuff around the house. Then when I took it off, my big toe was numb! This was several weeks ago and the feeling actually never fully came back, the top of my right toe still doesn’t have full sensitivity. But I found that if you basically stretch it with your hands – massaging it (for lack of a better word) and stretching it, it stretches out. Consider that you not only want to stretch the spot that’s pinching your toes, but also the elastic part ahead and behind it too, so the specific spot will have more give. Something I found on the internet but didn’t try on Tieks is that rubbing alcohol supposedly helps relax the leather and help it stretch, if you want to spot-stretch. You could also use a shoe horn but that wouldn’t help with spot stretching, I think that would stretch out the whole upper of the shoe.

  6. Anyone try the camel color.? Seems like it might be elongating on the leg as they say but it could also look like you are barefoot. Also a question about this elastic. I have problems when it goes right over the bunion bone. Is that where it is? Also do you think it can cut off circulation because the toe is too pointy. I need a wide and high toe box. Do you think these would work?

    • The camel color is rich and gorgeous! I suppose it would depend on your skin tone. I’m very fair skinned and they don’t look nude or skin toned on me at all. Unfortunately I’m sending mine back. They pinch my toes something awful, felt like my toes were in a vice. But they are super cute and I LOVE the color so much! Bummed that they didn’t work for me….

  7. I love love love mine.
    I got a matte black pair about a year ago and have been mostly wearing either tieks or uggs if its too cold.
    If they are tight, wet you feet, put them on and walk a bit. The leather is genuine so they will strech.
    I don’t even feel them anymore, they are that comfi, but they look brand new.

  8. I’m interested in Tieks.. but it would be a /big/ deal if I spent that much on an article of clothing. I grew up without much and have never gotten out of the habit of never buying full priced items.. my wedding dress didn’t even cost that much. I have very straight narrow feet(almost like a boxed rectangle.. my entire foot from the ball to the heel is the same width) and my big toe flips up. I have problems with my toenail rubbing through shoes so I was wondering about the durability of Tieks. I won’t be able to talk myself into the price if they aren’t durable.

  9. For those saying they are not comfortable, are you sure you’re not wearing a half size too small? These are the most comfortable shoes and I want them in every color.

  10. I would love a pair of Tieks, as I am a big fan of pretty flats, and we travel a lot. I have decided on my color (metallic pewter); now my dilemma is – what size to order? It seems from all the reviews I have read that they run about a half size small…. this is easy for half-sizes, simply go up to the next larger size; however, I am a true 8 and I do not want them to fit too tightly (for all that $$), nor too loosely with a whole size bigger size 9. What do I do?

    • Donna, I’m a true 7. I ordered a 7 last week. I’ve been wearing them every day and they feel painfully small. I really wish I’d ordered an 8. I would recommend getting the 9. Maybe they do stretch a bit over time, but after wearing them nonstop for a week, I didn’t notice any stretching.

    • I’ve had my Tieks for about 6 months. I wear a size 6 in every other shoe. I’m not young either so we’re talking a lot of shoes. The 6 was a bit too tight but in hopes that they would stretch, I didn’t return them; my bad. I should have tried a 7. So now I’m giving the 6’s away because I can’t wear them for more than an hour or so and am flirting with the idea of a new pair in a 7. The moral of the story, if they don’t fit when you get them, send them back while you can. They don’t stretch enough to make that much of a difference.

  11. I was hesitant to order a pair mostly because of the price, since they are ‘just flats.’ I’ve never been able to find a pair of flats that are comfortable to me; I have extremely flat feet.

    I’m a 7.5, so I ordered a 7. They shipped and got to my house in 3 days, and the packaging was adorable. I wore them around the house for a few hours and had to take them off because they were SO tight. The elastic in across the toes was cutting my circulation off. I decided to exchange them and try an 8. The Tieks people are great- they sent the new pair for no charge so I could compare the two sizes, and they got to my house in two days! The size 8s were a little more comfortable, since my foot had more room, but I’m still not liking how the elastic feels across my toes. I’m hoping that after wearing them around more that they’ll stretch out… I have pretty bony feet, so I’m surprised that they fit as snugly as they do.

    My advice is definitely size UP when you order these shoes. And if you have any doubts about if you want to keep them, do not wear them outside the house. They won’t accept them as returns.

  12. I bought a pair as well after seeing all the hype..and unfortunately, I fall into the small % of ppl that don’t feel comfortable in these as well…I am between a 6.5 and a 7 in shoe size, and I ordered a 7 in Tieks; by the end of the day I find the back digs into my heels and the elastic made my toes feel tired…I have an office job where I sit most of the day too, so it’s not like I’ve been standing on these…wanted to buy more colors, but would have to hold back now…so sad…

    • You are not alone. I think the percentage of people who find these uncomfortable is larger than you would think. If you notice most reviews of these shoes, they’re from bloggers who get the shoes for free and/or a discount. Of course they’re going to leave good reviews! I received a pair of these as a gift this Christmas. The elastic pulls the back of my heel, my true size, 8, was so tight, it was cramping my foot. So I exchanged it for a 9. The 9 is too big. They make my feet look like giant boats. I so wanted to love these but, so far, no dice. 😦

  13. I just put mine on today and after a couple hours they have almost put a blister on my heel tendon. Seems like for $195 they should be the Mary Poppin’s of shoes, but they are not.

  14. ^Jennifer, you are right. I got the most expensive pair for my wedding and barely made it. They don’t do 1/2 sizes but it doesn’t matter, they were cutting my toes. They are so beautiful and look comfy but they were killing me. I am hesitant to get another pair even in the next size up. I am now in search of knock offs that are more comfortable and less expensive.

  15. How does the shoe look on feet with bunions? Most ballet flats conform to your feet so much (French Soles Sloop) that you can see the ugly bulge of the bunion. Yuk! Do these shoes do the same? Please help.

  16. I have a size 7-7.5 foot, and I am SO glad I got an 8. The 8 fits fine-to-slightly-tight. I’ve worn both pairs several times under many different circumstances (walking, standing, just sitting, driving). Although they seem a wee bit tight in the toe area, they are generally comfortable. I know they will stretch more, so I think they will become perfect. I have normal feet, but since I’ve never been a fan of tight shoes, my feet have maintained their arch, instep and full ball. This can make some shoes feel tight even though I don’t have a typical “wide” foot. Still on the fence for these being the most comfortable shoe ever… which for me is the Merrell Wonder Glove, but they are darn cute and uber portable. If you have the extra cash, buy a favorite color and give them a try (order a size up unless you have really thin feet).

  17. I wanted to mention that the size 9 tieks are exactly the same length as a Vince camuto size 8.5 flat. I am an 8-8.5 and ordered the 8 as per the information given on the website and found that the 8s were so painful that I had to return them. I got a 9and althought they feel a little loose they are much more comfortable. I had a little bit of rubbing of the elastic on the big toe, which was a concern because I have a recent surgery scar, but after a few days of off and on wear this issue resolved itself.

    I have two pairs of tieks in navy and pewter and I love them. So glad the weather is warmer so that I can wear them more often

  18. Lena – Mine, too, are tight at the top on the left but not on the right. How weird. I just got a size up today. I soooo want to love them, but after wearing them for 3 hours today my toes are numb. I’m so sad 😦

    • I wear a 6-6.5 usually so ordered the 6’s in Camel. Love the color!! Iv always preferred a camel to a lighter tone for a nude though & definitely not patent if you are going for the elongated look. Anyways, …unfortunately, I gotta send these babies back! They kill my feet around the bands-front & back! AND it is much worse on my left foot than my right- you have no idea how relieved I was too see I’m not the only one with this issue and others have also said their problematic side is the left. I really thought might just be my feet at first, but not possible! Will try the 7s next, but not looking good for this girl 😦 I’m not really a “flat” kinda of girl anyways but thought these sounded perfect for my upcoming euro vaca! And as cute as they are, my small yet curvy figure with these flats made my husband laugh when I asked him if I looked like a Hippo Ballerina from Fantasia! πŸ˜‚

  19. As an eighty year old with well worn and aged feet I have found Tieks to be the answer to my foot problems. They feels so much like going bare foot which I love and they are easy on-easy off. Can be worn on just about any occasion.
    We travel quite a bit and being able to fold up a pair of Tieks instead of having to make room for my oversized and awkward ones is wonderful and appreciated.
    A suggestion for some tightness which has worked for me. This might sound really off beat but….. I get a raw baking potato (simulates my foot) and insert it in the side that is bothering, leaving it there indefinitely when not wearing the shoe. Eventually it stretched enough to be totally comfortable.
    Good luck!

  20. I have 2 pair and both cut in at the top elastic and a bit at the heel. I have a very narrow bony foot, size 8. The 8 was huge! I sized down to 7. I have a very sensitive foot, with no padding anywhere. That may be why the elastic bothers me. But then no other flats fit well either. Just saying if you have a regular or wider foot, you may need to size up. But for me, the opposite.

  21. Y’all, if the Tieks are too tight or making your big toe numb, it’s because they’re too small. Just order the next size up. That’s what I did, and voila. Supreme comfort.

  22. I love the yellow ones – they stand out for me! I love wearing yellow flats and these are a great addition to my collection. Where can I be able to buy these? Thanks for sharing this post!

  23. Darlene Hoffman

    I just got my matte black Tieks. They look adorable. Bad news is, I have to exchange them for the next size up. I have a very narrow foot and all my other flats are a size 9. Tieks size 9 dug into the back of my heel horribly. Just waiting for the next size up and hoping they’re not too big. Hope this helps.

  24. I kept looking at the Tieks and finally ordered a pair. They are so uncomfortable. I have a huge blister on both feet, big to side, where the band was. I bought the size that was rec commended. I will have to return them. Not what I was expecting for the $175.00 plus tax.

  25. I wear a size 8.5 and bought a pair of the matte dark blue Tieks in size 9. My feet are kind of wide, and sizing up was the right move. No break-in time needed, and I walked dozens of miles all over Berlin and Krakow in them for a week, including on cobblestones, gravel, etc. in perfect comfort. They still look great too.

  26. Just bought a pair of black matte Tieks. I am a size 7. I ordered the size 7 from Tieks. Unfortunately, I have to return them. Super uncomfortable, I am experiencing the same discomfort many others are describing in this thread. By the end of the day my toes were numb especially on my right foot. I am super disappointed, I wanted to use them for my upcoming vacation.

  27. I wear normally wear a size 7.5 so I purchased size 8. The shoes and elastic were tight, so I wore them around the house with heavy socks. I am not sure they stretched at all. So, I ordered another pair in a different color, this time a size 9. The shoe was a bit less tight, but the elastic is uncomfortable; digs in various places and is scratchy. I really wanted to love these shoes, but I give up. My daughter ordered a pair too, she feels they run small and are not very comfortable. We’re disappointed. I can’t understand why so many people love them, but good for them, we all want comfy shoes.

    • I just recently got my first pair and I’m experiencing the tight fit in the toe area. Originally I ordered a 9 because I’m typically an 8.5-9 but the 9’s felt big. So, I contacted Tieks and they sent me a size 8 to try. They felt much better all around except the toe area. So, I have been researching how to stretch leather shoes. What I’ve done is warm the toe area with my hair dryer and studded a crumpled up newspaper page into the toe area. I’ll be leaving it like that for a few days and will try wearing them again. I’m sure that since they’re all leather, it will help. And I do have wide feet with small bunions but like I said, the size down for me overall fit better. I’m looking forward to these being comfy come spring since I have a European trip planned this summer and want to get them nice and worn in my then but can’t wear them outside until we have nicer weather (I live in PA).
      But, do your research if they feel tight. There are things you can buy and I’m hoping my free “fix” does the trick. Good luck!

  28. After reading all the reviews about Tieks I decided to bite the bullet and order a pair in Dec of ’15. Ever since I was young I have always had trouble finding shoes to fit my feet. I used to wear a size 10w but as I have gotten older I am more like a 10 1/2, which anybody who wears a size larger than 10 knows it is hard to find half sizes in larger size shoes. In a 10w my toes are uncomfortable because they are hitting the tip of the shoe and in a size 11 my foot is slipping out of the shoe as I walk. So this problem lead me to purchase my first pair of Teiks, leopard print in a size 11. First the negative things I found, when I first put them on I was disappointed because after all the hype I read about them I expected to feel like I was walking on soft puffy clouds. Which was not how It felt, although I will say they were a little more comfortable than every pair of flats I’ve worn before. The elastic was also a little bit tight at first, so I wore them around the house with thick socks for awhile before wearing them to work. The blue soles did not exactly feel like little shock absorbers as I have read others write. Although I do teach school and spend a lot of time on my feet, and by the end of the day my feet did not feel as tired as they usually do in other shoes. I have noticed a little wear on the tip of my shoe and on the heel, so I am a little worried about how the leopard print will last after some wear and tear. On the positive side, yes they are super cute, the packaging and customer service is excellent, they make my feet look smaller, the leather is super soft and form to your feet. The shoes have not given me any blisters and the heel does not rub or irritate my foot. While the elastic was snug at first, it now has some give and helps to keep the size 11 shoe on my feet, no slipping like other size 11 shoes. The last thing that I have noticed is that I do not have as much heel pain as I have had over the past two years. I can not say for certain if it is the shoes, because I have only worn them a couple times a week since I have gotten them. But I do plan on ordering another pair because I love all the colors, and most of all because of the way they fit. It’s nice to wear a pair of shoes that are not painful because they are too small or shoes that I have to grip with my toes because they are too big and flop around.

  29. I got these and of course loved the color and the packaging. Put them on and they fit okay, but hardly the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. My second toe on my left foot is a little longer, like many ladies. Nothing pretty about that when the tiek starts to conform to your foot. Actually nothing really pretty about this flat. Good for running to the grocery store, but I would never wear them anywhere other than quick errands. My husband absolutely hates them and he’s usually very complimentary and positive about my choice of style. I’m afraid I’d have to agree. Okay for comfort. Pretty colors. Definitely not worth the price.

  30. I bought the Taupe Size 9 flats and am extremely disappointed in the fit. (I am a true size 9). Have had them for a week and unfortunately decided to wear them outside for a full day. My right toe goes numb and my feet actually ache after a full day in them. For $175, this should not happen! Also, the front of my toes show in the front and I find it very unattractive. Any ideas how to stop this from happening? Does it ever go away? I have been trying to wear thick socks to stretch the shoes out but still not finding them to be all that comfortable.

    • I’m sorry this has happened to you. Have you tried filling a plastic bag with water, putting it in each shoe, and then putting the shoes in the freezer? The water expands as it freezes and stretches evenly.

  31. I’m a 7.5 in most shoes but have a wide forefoot. I ordered the 7…my right foot is fine but my left foot is squished. The customer service is great, they sent me an 8…but the right is too big in that size. Blah. Going to wear the 7’s around the house for a couple days to see if they stretch some.

  32. smileattherain

    I just ordered a pair of Tieks in leather Taupe and really wanted to love them, but they were horrible: made my toes go numb, made a terrible high pitched squeeking sound on linoleum flooring, and while I can tell the materials are high quality, it’s not anywhere close to the comfort I would want for that price.

    Stretching tip: I stuffed the front of another pair of shoes inside of my Tieks, and that helped stretch out the elastic around the toes a decent amount in just a day. This way you’re not suffering while trying to break in the shoes. I plan to keep doing this and hope it’ll get more comfortable because I’ve already worn mine outdoors and can’t return them unfortunately.

  33. mine are totally uncomfortable as well :(. I have actually been sleeping in them with heavy socks to try and stretch them, and end up waking up every night ripping them off my feet because they are so uncomfortable !! i am a 8.5 and ordered a 9, Silver Screen. I have ordered 3 pairs so far, and keep sending them back. My other cautious comment is, that although they were not giving me any arguments, the sales rep happened to mention to me that my returned pair was scuffed etc. They barely left the box never mind the house !!! I feel you have to take a pic or something of the pair you return, as you could end up with an issue ….

  34. I have wide feet with bunions and fallen arches my feet were a 6 but now I am usually wearing a 7 to accommodate my bunions. My question is are these comfortable for someone with a wide foot? Also when they stretch to mold to your foot are the bunion areas more pronounced? Are they really worth 175?

  35. I really wanted to love mine. I bought the cute aqua blue ones. I am an 8-8.5, so I ordered a 9 to be safe. They are very tight on the toes. I wore them outside, so I knew I couldn’t return them. I’ve been trying to “break them in”, but honestly, for the price, they should be comfortable from the get go. Mine are patent leather. They squeak and stick together if your two feet touch each other when sitting down. I’m very disappointed. Although they were a lot of money, I would have been willing to shell out the cash for a few more pairs if they were comfortable because I love the colors and I love real leather shoes.

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