I’m Going to Need an Extra Suitcase to Carry My Shoes Home.

What a great shoe-shopping (and browsing) weekend!

I seem to have a weakness for green shoes so when I saw these boots I skipped toward them. One shoe on display, and only one box visible. Uh oh. I was immediately attracted to the styling of these boots, lots of great details to admire – the extra layers of leather over the toe and on the sides of the shoe where one’s foot naturally bends, the extra strip making a loop to help pull them on, the red stitched eyelets, the red satin ribbon label on the inside around the ankle, and the sole – the out-sole is made of a translucent rubber and sandwiched between it and the inner sole is a graphic display of the brand name, and lastly, the heel has been scratched up to look aged and the bottom of the heel has what looks like a distressed coat of white paint. Someone put a lot of thought and effort into branding these shoes and I love and appreciate that. But would the shoe-gods let me bring it home? Of course! One pair left, in my size. Made by Red-Rag, another great shoe company from The Netherlands. Regularly 119 euros, on sale for 50!



One response to “I’m Going to Need an Extra Suitcase to Carry My Shoes Home.

  1. Just bookmarked your site! I’ll be back to check out your future postings.

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