Obsessing Over Loints

My current obsession. By Loints of Holland. About 150 euros, on sale for 95.

I was recently at a street market in Holland and I saw these shoes on a woman. I followed her. I had to ask her who made them and where she got them. I got (stalkerishly) close to her a few times but hesitated to speak to her because I was formulating how to say “I love your shoes!” in Dutch. I got out my English-Nederland dictionary then looked up with renewed confidence and purpose. And the lady was gone. I hadn’t really gotten a good look at her because I was mostly staring at her feet. (The picture doesn’t really do these shoes justice – they were way cooler looking in person.) I was about to give up hope when I thought I caught a glimpse of them, er, her, again going into a shop. I followed. Sure enough, it was them/her. I strode up to her and told her how much I admired her shoes and asked who made them. “Loints”, she replied. And then she said something I couldn’t decipher. “Sorry?” I asked. My accent told her to try again in English and she said, “They are by Loints of Holland and I bought them in this store.” In fact, she was looking at the Loints shoe section in the store we were in, holding a pair of fall boots in her hands! My excitement could hardly be contained.

Alas, the shoes I was after were sold out. An internet search bore similar results. I was able to find one pair in my size in England and I think the exchange rate may deter me. Sad, yes? But no! I found a new brand of shoes to love and admire. Hooray.


One response to “Obsessing Over Loints

  1. Smiling. I’m a huge USA Loints fan too, having to shop in Europe to get them.

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