I Have a Problem

I am a shoe junkie. I love shoes; I crave them. When I am having a bad day I want to go shoe shopping to lift my spirits. When I don’t feel good about myself, a new pair of shoes can bolster my mood like nothing else. When I am out and about I often notice a person’s shoes before their face.

Of course I love shoes. They are practical – I can wear them any day I want! Spending money on them is easy to justify! A lot of women confess to having a problem. Shoes are the great equalizer – no matter your size or style, a great pair of shoes will make you feel fantastic and can give you an enormous amount of confidence.

Unlike a lot of woman, I don’t wear heels. I know they make ordinary legs look long and lean and sexy. But they are so damn uncomfortable and they mess with one’s posture. Count me out; no thank you.

And so I am always on a quest to find comfortable shoes that are also stylish. Here, on this blog is where I will showcase my finds. If they are eco-friendly, all the better.


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