These are some of the most creatively designed shoes I have ever seen!

Wow. I am almost speechless. These are so creative and clever!

Kobi Levi Footwear.

My favorites – I would wear these dog shoes in a heartbeat. Look at the little paw print on the bottom of the heel!

Found here.


Watch a pair of Fluvogs being made from start to finish. Clearly worth every penny.

Tieks. Are they as comfortable as they are billed to be?

Have you heard of Tieks? They’re a comfy ballet-like slip on shoe that are marketed as carry-alongs so that you have sensible shoes to grab from your bag when your stilettos become too much. Of course they are being worn by those that just love comfortable flats too.

They fold up compactly and they are guaranteed to hold up well – no creases or wear from repeatedly folding them. They are available in loads of colors and all have their trademark blue rubber pads on the soles. They come with a small carrying bag as well as a tote bag, and thought I don’t have a photo here, the packaging the shoes come in is beautiful and thoughtful. This new company has put a lot of thought into all of their branding materials. I like it.

They are not inexpensive – $135 – $235. If you have tried them, leave a comment to let us know if you think they are worth it.

Tieks. Found here.

Part Sneaker, Part Slipper.

I know. You may think Uggs are named such because of the way you may feel when you see them. Ugh. I’ll admit, the “classic” styles are not the most feminine or stylish looking boots around. But have you ever worn them? They are, in all honesty, seriously comfortable.

I bought a pair of the classic short boots last fall and wore them all winter long. I definitely chose to wear them a little too frequently – even I got sick of seeing them. And here I am, as the weather is getting a little bit fall-like in The Netherlands, thinking of burying my feet in the cozy warmth of sheepskin. So I may pony up for these.

Part sneaker, part slipper. Ugg Rylan, $90

Found Here

Back to School/Fall Fever – Expressed Through Shoes

I’ve got back-to-school fever though I’m not going back to school. It’s that time of year that feels so full of promise – time to set new goals, begin new things, start fresh. I know a lot of people feel this way about The New Year and in the spring, but the start of school always meant renewal to me.

Toward the end of each summer my mom would take us on an epic shopping trip where I felt I could define myself with my new wardrobe. I was able to wear new clothes for weeks without a repeat and I loved the challenge of new combinations to stretch out my new looks even further. I would soon have a new teacher, possibly new friends. In any case, I’d have a fresh outlook and the confidence that came with feeling good about how I looked – very important as a teenager.

I’m heading home to NC this fall after spending the past four months traveling in Europe and working in The Netherlands. It’s been beautiful and expansive and soul-enriching. I am very lucky. As I look toward ending my workcation, I find myself thinking a lot about how I want to redefine my life at home. What can I take with me from my time here?

One, I will spend more time on my bike, making it my primary mode of transportation. Two, I will work in an environment I see as beautiful and inspiring. So I am looking for new work I love that is close enough to home that I can ride my bike there.

What about shoes? I’ll need new shoes as I set out on defining my new life and routine. And I am thinking about these:

By Arche, a German shoe company. Style is Gayal, in Cafe.$150-$300. What a great color combination, nice easy shock-absorbing heel, and a sexy ankle strap.

Camper Mar, $115. Love a leather-wrapped heel. And the color and detailing on these makes me swoon.

Neosens Shogun, about 106 euros. These are cute, practical, super-comfortable, and white. I have a hard time finding white shoes I love.

And yes, I can ride my bike in all of these.

I’m Going to Need an Extra Suitcase to Carry My Shoes Home.

What a great shoe-shopping (and browsing) weekend!

I seem to have a weakness for green shoes so when I saw these boots I skipped toward them. One shoe on display, and only one box visible. Uh oh. I was immediately attracted to the styling of these boots, lots of great details to admire – the extra layers of leather over the toe and on the sides of the shoe where one’s foot naturally bends, the extra strip making a loop to help pull them on, the red stitched eyelets, the red satin ribbon label on the inside around the ankle, and the sole – the out-sole is made of a translucent rubber and sandwiched between it and the inner sole is a graphic display of the brand name, and lastly, the heel has been scratched up to look aged and the bottom of the heel has what looks like a distressed coat of white paint. Someone put a lot of thought and effort into branding these shoes and I love and appreciate that. But would the shoe-gods let me bring it home? Of course! One pair left, in my size. Made by Red-Rag, another great shoe company from The Netherlands. Regularly 119 euros, on sale for 50!


Camper Colibri – Just What I Need

If you like comfortable stylish shoes, you’ve heard of Camper. Camper shoes are gorgeous, well-made, good-looking, and often unique, and some models are even made so each of the pair are different from one another.

This particular pair, Colibri, makes me smile. Maybe because it’s ben raining here lately and they feel sunny. I can imagine that as fall turns gray and moves into winter that I’d reach for these again and again – an easy mood enhancer. Look at the heel! And the sole! Makes me want to walk through puddles just so I can decorate the sidewalk behind me.

Regularly $150, on sale for $119 at Camper’s site. Cheaper than one visit to the therapist.